Enjoy this video about Fox Hunting made by our junior member Chloe DeYoung

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Membership. We love new members from all walks of life!  We have year round activities, mounted and unmounted, per​fect for individuals and families.  Our hunt follows foxhunting traditions but as the photos below show, we break away and enjoy celebrating some of the holidays with our friends and horses.  If you have membership questions or are interested in more information please contact our Membership Chairman, Dr. Melanie Martin at 913-515-8372 or mmartin0117@aol.com

Would you like to ride as a guest with us during a hunt?  We would love to meet you so please contact our Hunt Secretary, Patti Gnau at 913-897-2250 or email her at pbgnau@yahoo.com.  Patti would be happy to visit with you and answer any questions about the $50 capping fee for our guests.  If you decide to join us one day, fill out the age appropriate release form from the left column and bring it with you to the hunt.  Please visit our Hunting & Attire page for information about attire and our hunting season.  Our Etiquette & Protocol page explains how to navigate safely in the hunt field. We look forward to you joining us in the hunt field!

If you need directions to the

kennels or have questions

please contact Patti Gnau at pbgnau@yahoo.com