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The following is a summary of our clubs' foxhunting guidelines for hunting and

attire.  These common sense guidelines provide for the safety, sport and tradition that we enjoy together.  We strive to have a courteous, safe and fun hunt field for our hounds, our landowners, our Staff and our members.​

MVH Hunting Attire

Fall Hunting:  
During the fall hunting season the proper attire includes ratcatcher, stock tie, or shirt and necktie; vest, tweed hunting jacket; tan breeches; and field boots for men and women. This is also referred to as Informal Attire.

​Formal Hunting: beginning with the Opening Hunt the following is correct:

Coat: Men and women should wear a black frock or hunting coat, single breasted. Gentlemen with colors have the option of a scarlet coat with the MVH colors of dark blue with canary piping on the collar.  Brass buttons with MVH crest design. Ladies with colors have the option of adding the MVH colors to the collar of the aforementioned frock or coat. Dark bone buttons with MVH crest in white.  Lady Masters and Whipper-In's shall wear black coats as described above. Lady Masters, past and present and current Staff of MVH are invited to wear the scarlet coat at their convenience.

Breeches: Riders should wear tan or beige riding breeches. White breeches are correct for men wearing a scarlet frock. Lady Masters, past and present, are invited to wear white breeches with scarlet coat.

Vest: Canary yellow or tattersall vest. Members with colors may have brass buttons with MVH crest.

Hat: ASTM safety headgear with a chin harness is required. The helmet should be black with ribbons up. Hair should be neatly confined. Hairnets are advisable and correct.

Boots: Hunting boots should be traditional, plain black boots without tops for members without colors. Gentlemen with colors may wear mahogany topped boots. Ladies with colors may wear black boots with black patent leather tops. Black rubber boots are also acceptable.  Lady Masters, past and present, are invited to wear mahogany topped boots.

Gloves: Brown, buff or black leather. White wool, cotton, or string gloves are acceptable.  

Crop: Traditional hunting whip. However, under no circumstances should a whip ever be used by a member of the Field to rate a hound.

Spurs: Heavy pattern with moderately short neck and no rowels. Black spur strap.

Neckwear: Plain white hunting stock neatly tied and fastened with a plain horizontal safety pin. 

Flask: Gentlemen may carry a flask or sandwich case (or both). Ladies may carry with a sandwich case combination flask/sandwich case. All accouterments should be of leather construction, in a color matching the saddle.  Nylon or other fabrics are not considered appropriate.  

Wire cutters: Wire cutters may be carried in a leather case attached to the saddle.

Raincoats and Cold Weather: Masters may allow the wearing of raincoats but they should be used sparingly and should be of muted colors (brown, navy, black, dark green). Only a Master may give permission to wear a raincoat.  During very cold weather, ear or neck warmers in black or white are acceptable. Additional cold weather gear may be worn at the discretion of the Master when the temperature has fallen below freezing.  Again, no one but the Master may allow deviation from proper hunt attire.

Horse and Tack: Horse should be fit, well groomed and clean, outfitted with clean bridles and saddles of brown or black leather of an English forward design.  Saddles other than these must be approved by the Masters. Martingales are allowed. Use the bit that controls your horse.Saddle pads should be white.

​Hunt Breakfast:  It is traditional for ladies and gentlemen to exchange their hunting coat for tweed jackets or sweaters before coming for breakfast.


The Mission Valley Hunt pack hunted by Huntsman Jim Beisel are American, English and Crossbred hounds.

​Our hunt country includes picturesque rolling meadow, woods, farm and grazing land, and is paneled with inviting wooden coops.  To allow hilltoppers to ride to hounds without jumping, we have walk through gates throughout the territory.

​Fall Hunting begins in September when we hunt on Wednesdays and one weekend day, generally Saturday.  During this season young and new hounds are brought out to hunt with veteran hounds.  Our Huntsman also uses this period to further and fine tune the hounds training on chasing fox and coyote.  The pace can be slower which makes it nice for legging up your horse or introducing a new horse or rider to foxhunting.  While there is no substitute for having a suitable horse to hunt, the slower pace and smaller field do provides a less hectic environment for horses and riders new to the sport.  

Formal Hunting begins at the end of October when the fall mornings are becoming crisp and will continue until the first weekend in April.  Most Wednesday hunts are from the kennels and for the weekend fixture we hunt at several different locations but mainly from the kennels.  Decisions regarding change of start time, fixture or cancellation due to winter weather are made by the Masters in a timely fashion.  Popular hunting days include the Halloween Hunt, costume recommended, and the St. Patrick’s Day Hunt, wearing of the green strongly encouraged!

​New Members are most welcome! We have Full Riding, Young Adult, Junior and Social memberships.  The membership form at the bottom of the page provides the membership levels and fees.  If you've already made up your mind that the fellowship and friendship we offer is for you, complete theMembership application
and contact Melanie Martin at 913-515-8372 or mmartin0117@aol.com.  

Guests who are not members of another hunt are welcome to join us on 3 hunt days and familiarize themselves with our safe hunting and the fun we share. We ask that hunt field guests be competent riders, qualified to hunt and are suitably mounted. When a guest arrives at the meet we'll welcome you, introduce you around and want you to meet the Masters.  We'd like our guests to have a host in the field but if you don't have one, we're happy to provide you with a buddy for the hunt.  The $50 capping fee payable to Mission Valley Hunt and signed waiver should be presented to the Secretary before the hunt. The capping fee is the same during cub hunting or formal hunting.  

The Masters, Board of Directors and Staff of Mission Valley Hunt are particularly concerned about the safety of the Hunting Field.  We strive to have a courteous and safe hunt field where everyone is respectful of each other and their horses.

Release forms.  Please complete the appropriate release form/waiver and bring it with you to the hunt. Whether you are new to hunting, a lifelong fox hunter or something in between, Mission Valley Hunt and it's members would love to have you join us in our activities.  We have different levels of riding memberships.