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Leslie Owen

Tracey Frank

​Each year during our Hunt Ball and our Annual Meeting we take a moment to remember three exceptional past members of the hunt by recognizing current members who exemplify those qualities that enrich our club.  Please take a moment and enjoy reading about these members, past and present. The Masters congratulate and appreciate the tremendous efforts made by all members!  Tally-ho!

​​Conniver Award
This award is named for a great hunt horse, who worked tirelessly for MVH Huntsmen Kurt Dutton and then Hall Harsh.  The horse was born on January 1, 1968 and died in April of 1994. The trophy is given in Conniver's memory to members who have worked tirelessly for the good of Mission Valley Hunt.

1994  Mary Ellen Purucker              Jim Brainard
1995  Nick Badgerow                      Sandy Longan
1996  Christine Bondack                Jeani Suderman
1997  Kenneth Baum                      Bill & Bo Stueck
1998  Eleanor Peck                        Julie Honsinger
​1999  John Kaczynski                     Melissa Antisdel
2000  Margy Whitaker                    John Cooley
2001  Dr. Bob Smith                        Martha Nichols
2002  Jill Turner                              Deborah Bundy
2003  Dr. Bill Reed                          Elizabeth Reed
2008  Dr. Steve Thomas                 Connie Marshall
2009  Claudia Wight                        Chuck & Dr. Jane Jeffries
2010  Lona Alexander                   Matt & Susan Tullock
2011  Janie Carper                        Tracy Frank
2012  Patti Gnau                            Louise Bosley
2013  Dr. Melanie Martin                Julie Jeffries
2014  Carlie Beisel                         John Blankenship

2015  Greg Germann                      Dr. Herb Seigel

2016  Molly Schwab                        Doug & Jeani Barker

​2017  Tawny King                            Ellen Aisenbrey

2018   Craig Hauser                        Vicki Cross

​2019   Leslie Owen                          Stacie Shelman

​​Bob Slegman Award
​Dedicated to the memory of a lifelong hunter, landowner and supporter of Mission Valley Hunt, Bob Slegman, this Spirit of Generosity award is given to that member who exemplifies the spirit of the hunt in service, dedication, good will and enjoyment. "For those who give others the benefit of the doubt. For those who match open minds with open hearts. For those who are benevolent and kind. For those who welcome, encourage and share. For those who look for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. For those who value hospitality and practice the joy of good living. For those who would be so loved because they loved so well."

2009    Bill and Bo Stueck
2010    Doug Barker
2011    Melanie Martin, MD
2012    Leslie Owen
2013    Molly Schwab
​2014    Fran Baker

​2015    Nick Badgerow

​2016    Janet Bennett

​2017    Patti Gnau

​2018    Lona Alexander

2019    Tracey Frank

Tom Reck Memorial Award
​"For the love of the Hunt". This award was established in the memory of Thomas C. Reck, MFH, a lifelong member and then Master of Mission Valley Hunt. The award is presented on the decision of the past recipients, and is given to a member who regularly presents himself or herself propery attired, with clean and approproiate tack, and mounted on a clean and appropriate hunt horse; who knows and keeps the traditions and practices of the hunt field; who knows hounds by name; who works hard for the good of the hunt; and who practices good manners and correct etiquette both on and off the hunt field.

2004    Fran Baker
2005    Nick Badgerow
2006    Arthur Stern
2007    Ruth Fine
2008    Jeani Barker
2009    Molly Schwab
2010    Doug Barker
2011    Sandy Longan, exMFH
2012    Patti Gnau
​2013    Dr. Robert Smith, exMFH

​2014    Jill Tuner, exMFH

​2016    Leslie Owen

​2017    Cindy Glass

​2018    Julie Honsinger

2019    Mary Ellen Purucker


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Mary Ellen Purucker

​Bill Stueck, MFH presenting an award.