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Etiquette and protocol. The preservation of the centuries-old foxhunting spirit depends on the continued observance of the rules of etiquette and protocol that distinguish this activity from simply riding casually around the countryside with a bunch of dogs.  To read an in depth article on the traditions and protocol which Mission Valley Hunt follows in the field please click HERE.  We hope you will enjoy learning about our foxhunting traditions and adhering to them as our members do.

Hold Harmless/Waiver:  All riding guests must sign a hold harmless 
PRIOR to the hunt or other MVH riding activities, and should be introduced to a Master before the start of the hunt.  All subscribing members must sign a hold harmless agreement prior to the start of every hunt season.  All members must have a current Kansas hunting license. 

​Safety: Safety is paramount.  If your horse is unmanageable, please excuse
yourself from the hunt field.  If your horse kicks, tie a red ribbon in its tail and stay clear of others and towards the back of the field.  Do not follow too closely behind the horse in front.  Do not crowd at the jumps.  If your horse refuses a jump, go to the back of the line and wait until the others have cleared it.  Always keep a space or two horse's length between you and the horse in front of you. All riders shall wear an ASTM approved safety helmet.

Hounds: Do not ride on top of hounds.  Please make way for hounds, huntsman and staff on the trails and in the fields.  When the huntsman is bringing the hounds past the field, back your horse off the trail and face towards the trail, to avoid your horse kicking the huntsman or his hounds.  ​Field members may not rate (speak to) hounds unless asked to do so by staff.  Please do not talk while hounds are working.

The Field: Capping fees for guests should be paid to the Hon. Secretary before the hunt begins.  Members should ensure their guest pay the capping fee and turn in a signed release form.  If you need to leave before the hunt is concluded, please excuse yourself to the Field Master and obtain his/her permission to leave. The Field Master will provide the route to take so as not to foul the line.

​The order of the Field is as follows:
Masters and Field Masters
Members with Colors, in Seniority
Members without Colors
Members with Guest

Hunt Country:  Leave gates as you found them, if in doubt, please ask. 
Do not ride over crops, even if staff does.  Report any damage to property to staff immediately. Please respect all landowners who kindly allow us to ride their property. Let cars pass on the road, as they may be driven by landowners trying to get around us.  Riding on the hunt country (including Fin & Feather) on days other than those reflected on the fixture is not allowed, unless permission is given by a landowner. Our hunt country includes picturesque rolling meadow, woods, farm and grazing land, and is paneled with inviting wooden coops.  To allow hilltoppers to ride to hounds without jumping, we have walk through gates throughout.